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About BAE

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     WAISTing Away BAE was birthed in the prime of a global pandemic. As a way to reignite my self esteem and save me from a down spiral of an unhealthy lifestyle. Birthing 4 children in 8 years my weight constantly fluctuated. I was a chronic yo -yo dieter. It was difficult to commit to meal prepping or gym sessions due to the demands of being a SUPERMOM. I settled with being an overwhelmed Mom who was unfulfilled, unhappy and unfit. After experimenting with various products and ridiculous diets I developed my own collection of fitness products spefically geared to Mothers. Mothers who want to look and feel like themselves again. As women we often associate our self esteem with the way our body looks to OURSELVES.

      WAISTing Away BAE is a lifestyle brand that promotes SELF CARE and SELF CONFIDENCE in Women. The goal is to transition into a healthier way of life in your mind, and your body. Thru our WAIST training fitness you will see that SNATCH unfolding and your energy shifting. A healthy you is a better you.  Celebrate and accentuate those natural curves. SWEAT. SNATCH. SLAY. Are you ready for WAISTing Away Season?

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